Week 5 – The first skill

Monday – 30.07.2018

The development time for the first Alexa Skill is coming to an end soon and we are at the last preperations for the release. Content, tests and some bugfixing and tweaking are now the focus. Everyone is pretty hyped allready.


Tuesday – 31.07.2018

Content wise is everything ready for now and the most bugs are terminated. Just tests and the last bit of tweaking are left.

We had to leave early this day, because we had the half-time meeting with Intern Europe today. It was basicly an evaluation, if everything is working as planned or if there are any trouble. Was finished pretty fast.


Wednesday – 01.08.2018

One month is over officialy and the skill version 1 was finished today and send in for validation and certification. We all can’t await the result.

After work, we had another meeting with Intern Europe. They planned on doing a treasure hunt, but due to strong showers, it became a quiz-night again. Our location was the „Kelly’s Cellar“ this time. We were upstairs and had to take a stairway at the side of the Pub that felt kind of like a secret passage. The event was ok, with some good times and some good food.


Thursday – 02.08.2018

Sadly, I got ill this day and therefore had to stay home. That was bad, because … well, I was ILL? and good, because we had craftsman in the accomodation, so I could show them, what needed to be fixed exactly. After that I went to the pharmacy to get some painkillers and then ended the day.


Friday – 03.08.2018

Fresh after that day of illnes, I came back to work, to get positivly surprised. I got an E-Mail on Wednesday, that told me, that the validation process for the skill could take up to 5 days. Now I had an E-Mail, that told me, that the skill would be online in short time and that was the case. The first Alexa Skill was online in the store. We all were pretty happy and I have to admit that I’m kinda proud of that.

In case someone wants to try it: It works in the Alexa App for Mobile Phones and is a learning tool for children.
You can get it here: https://www.amazon.co.uk/ProfileTree-High-Five-Maths/dp/B07G4DY289/ref=sr_1_1?s=digital-skills&ie=UTF8&qid=1533839494&sr=1-1&keywords=high+five+maths
And yes, you can count that as advertisment, but it’s just a proud programmer. XD

After work, we thought that it would be really nice to play some pool/billiard, so we visited the Laverys/Woodworkers. I played 6 rounds with my group from germany. Then they left and I waited with the two girls in our house on their group. We got a table and it began. You’r asking what „it“ is? „it“ is a series of 3 games of pool that lasted 3 hours. And the first round took half of it. xD
I still had lots fun on this evening/night and reminded myself, how much I like Vodka+Energy. ^^


Saturday – 04.05.2018

The others visited Dublin, but because I found it too expensive, I stayed home and just relaxed. I ate good and when it got late, we played card games again and drunk a bit. The other two germans from OSZ IMT joined us and we had lot’s of fun together. After they left, it didn’t took long until we called it a day too.


Sunday – 05.08.2018

Nothing special today, just relaxing.

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