Week 2 – relaxing and a Castle

Monday – 09.07.2018

The second week started but nothing of special happend. I went to work, I worked, I went back home, relaxed and then went to bed. Just like I do in Berlin the most days. It starts to not even feel so special anymore, to be in another country.

Tuesday – 10.07.2018

Same as Monday. Nothing special here too.

Wednesday – 11.07.2018

Same as Tuesday. Nothing special here too.

Thursday – 12.07.2018

Here in Belfast the 12th of July is a special day, let’s just call it that way, that is called the „Orangemen’s Day“, so we all had the day off and were granted a free friday too. Christian had birthday this day, so we got a cake for him (Thank you to Roderic and Manuel for remembering it and buying the cake on Wednesday!) and ate some if it for breakfast. While the others went out to get some food, I decided to stay home and play games using a laptop, I kindly got from my workplace here. Some (my „lovely“ colleagues) would say, that I may be a little (or pretty much a lot) addicted to video games, but I just enjoy them a lot and was fine without them while I didn’t had the Laptop. Well, back to the day. After the others came back, we decided, that it would be a good idea, to celebrate the birthday a bit more, so I got myself some beer and we played some cards. It got a bit late, but we had a lot of fun together.

Friday – 13.07.2018

Today is Friday the 13th. Well, not that it changes anything, be we all found it to be a bit funny. Our plan for the day (after waking up really late) was to go up on „Cave Hill“. We decided, that our first stop should be the „Boojum“, a Burrito shop, the others really love. I think the price-value-ratio is really good. While the taste is not exactly to my liking, I still don’t think it’s bad. You get a lot of food for a relative small price, so much, that I didn’t made it through the whole burrito. With being well fed now, we started our journey to the hill. For that we took a bus and tryed to follow a path, that was shown to us by google. We found out that it was just a path through the woods, instead of something really useablde.

A Selfie while trying to climb the „road“ from google.

At least I could make some really nice pictures of the landscape while being on the wrong way.

To our luck, we met a local, that showed us, where we needed to go. After a walk of about twenty minutes back, we finaly reached the way up. To this point, we also found out, that it would have been a good idea to take something to drink with us. But because we are a bunch of lucky guys, even on friday the 13th, there was a fuelstation nearby, where we could get some drinks for a very acceptable price. We were now well prepared and at the right spot, so the rise to the top could start … well, for Roderic at least. He was the only one, of that had the will, to do the whole rise on that day. The rest of us decided, that the „Belfast Castle“, which was located on the way up, would be a good spot to end the journey up the hill for that day. We spend some relaxing time there and took pretty good pictures.

After that, Tony let his drone fly a bit. Such a drone is pretty cool, but nearly 1000€ are kinda out of my league. xD That concluded our journey. The last step was our way home and than falling into the bed.

Picture is provided by Tony and is shall not be used by anyone else, especially the OSZ IMT

Saturday 14.07.2018

After the trip yesterday, we decided that it was a good day to do nothing really. All we did was meeting with the the other both people form germany to go to a pub. The first pub, the „Bennan’s Bar“ was like a bar for old man, so not really a location to our collective taste. From there we wandered a bit, in search for another option. At the end we landed at the „Filthy McNastys“ again. This time it was even to Christian’s taste, so it may be a good place to go to more in the future. We were not there for very long this time and were home before midnight. Time for bed. ^^

Sunday 15.07.2018

Just relaxing and writing this blog. :3

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  • 22. Juli 2018 um 19:38

    Ich würde sagen eine entspannte Woche 🙂
    Tolles Schloss 😃

    Viele Grüße
    Stefanie Kussatz


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