Week 1 – The journey begins

Sunday – 01.07.2018

bording the plane

We (Christian, Manuel, Roderic, Tony and I) started at „Berlin Schönefeld SXF Airport“ at 10:40 am (GMT +2) and arrived at „Belfast International Airport“ at 11:45 am (GMT +1 [this will be the standard time Zone for the rest of the blog]). One and a half hour later, we were at our accommodation and got our keys. Everyone of us has his own.

To our and their surprise, there where already two girls from italy, which were staying here for already two weeks and had two more to go and were now living with us for the time being. First of all we checked, how much food and supplies were there. This resulted into us going to a small market called „Spar“ to get the most needed, something to eat and drink. After that we prepared our rooms and relaxed for the rest of the day and started to improve our skills at a card game called „Arschloch“ (engl. „Asshole“). This will be a static part of our daily life now.  Tony and I decided to take a walk at the nearby channel after some rounds of the game. It was really good weather and a good view. We even made some pictures.

some bridgepart in the middle of a crossing at the channel
the walkway at the channel

Because we all were very hungry and didn´t want to try cooking on the day we arrived, we decided to search for a place to eat nearby. The „China China“ was the solution for this topic. They got an All-You-Can-Eat-Buffet for a relative small price.


Monday – 02.07.2018

We had a meeting with Intern Europe this day, but due to the fact, that this was timed for 2 pm, we had a lot of time beforehand and decided to go shopping in the meantime.

first time shopping

That wasn´t as expensive as we thought it would be, but still took us some money. We were a little bit surprised, that they only got Toast here and not a real grey or dark bread as it´s normal in germany. Also in contrary to germany, bottles of sizes bigger then 1l are really commen here, where we nearly never saw anything bigger than 1,5l bottles in germany.

When we were back at our place, it was time to go for the meeting, so we prepared ourselfs and started. It was a really short way of around 12 minutes, but a long meeting of around two hours. I had some troubles with staying motivated to listen for the whole time, but at least I stayed awake. The main topic was to clear everything regarding the accommodations and the workplaces. After we were finished talking, we starded to walk to the city center. On the way we were shown some places, that were told to be interessting. I have to admit, that I didn´t really care. At the city center is the „City Mall“, where „visit Belfast“ is located. This is a tourist center it seems, where we also could buy the tickets for public transportation. Only Christian and I decided to buy a metro ticket. When we were allowed to leave, we thought, that it would be a good idea to go to a nearby „Lidl“, that we found via Google Maps. The buyable stuff was very similar to what we could get at Lidl in germany, so a little feeling of home came to us. On the way back to our place was a „Subway“ located, which I instantly tried out and I wasn´t disappointed. The prices here in Belfast seem to be a lot cheaper concerning Subway. From there on we continued home and called it a day.


Tuesday – 03.07.2018

First day at work was coming and the first march began. We life at the „Ormeau Rd“ and my workplace is at the „Inovation Factory“. This leads to a walk about one hour. I decided, that I would try to walk every day instead of taking the bus, to improve my fitness. A positive side effect was, that I could see the landscapes and get used to the traffic in Belfast. For everybody who doesn´t know it – In germany our traffic is right sided and in Northern Ireland it is left sided. And well, it wouldn´t be a good blog, if I didn´t show you some pictures I took on the way. Here I feel bad again, for only having my handy with me and not a good camera.

Finaly arrived at my new work environment, I was introduced to my new colleagues and my workplace for the following 8 weeks was shown to me. I was told, how everything is done at the company, my accounts were made, where needed, and my tasks for the next weeks were given to me. I was told to start with a tutorial on Amazon Echo Skills, so I could learn to make Alexa Skills. The Target of that is, to program a learning Skill for Alexa to improve the reach of „Learning Mole“, a product of „ProfileTree“, which aims at kids between 5 and 11 and shall improve their skills in maths, english, geography, science, crafts and the handling of resources. My first impression was very positive. Everyone seemed friendly and my equipment good. The cafeteria isn´t pricy and the taste is pretty good. The best Combo is a sandwich of choice and the soup of the day for 4,50 Pounds. So, my first day at work went throught very fast and I had no troubles. We all decided to call it a day, when everybody was back home and after we played some rounds of cards.

my workplace
the office
the view up, from the cafeteria


Wednesday – 04.07.2018

The next day of work was coming and I realise now, that I have nothing to say about work other than „It was good.“, so I asume I won´t continue with writing a daily blog after this week and will only write the most importend happenings of every week. After work we had a quiz night with intern europe to get to know the other participants of the project. It was ok, with it´s good and bad sides. As the place to have the quiz night at, a pub called „The Parlour“ was chosen. The prices were okay with a beer for 4,50 Pounds. After the event was officialy over, Tony and I decided to go with another gruop of participants, mostly from germany too, and went to the next pub. We found the „Filthy McNastys“. With good cocktails for 5 Pounds and an interessting setting, I can really recommend it. On the way home I visited Subway for the second time in Belfast and still can say – I like it. Because it were very late, the moment we arrived at home was the instant end of the day.

Tony and I in the „Filthy McNastys“


Thursday – 05.07.2018

I finished the first of two tutorials today at work. And because our mattresses are kinda bad, everyone of us has some pains, including me, which leaded to me having to take the bus for the first time. The busses here are pretty comfy I have to admit, but I will continue to walk, when I can. While the others went shopping, I had to stay home because the pain in my right hip, down to my right feet was to big. As every day, we ended the day with playing cards.


Friday – 06.07.2018

I finished the second tutorial today and prepared the first steps for the alexa learning game today. Because of the „Finished first week“-Meeting, I had to leave work at 2:30 pm to arrive at the location at 3:30 pm. There we talked about our experiences this week. After that, our group decided, that we want to visit a pub. Our preperations took so long, that we started from home at around 9:30 pm. We walked to the city center and from there searched for a good place to go. That took us at least 2 hours, before we found „the Berliner“, which we had to visit, at least for the name. The cocktails cost about 8 Pounds there, so it isn´t very cheap, but it´s okay. We all only bought one drink and went home than. That was basicly it for the day.


Saturday – 07.07.2018

I had only three plans for the day – writing this blog, going shopping at the tesco super store and going to a pub with my mates – and I was pretty successfull. It took me pretty long to get to friday at writing the blog. Also I decided to wait till sunday to upload the blog, so I could have a normal end of the week to it. At the tesco super store, we got everything we searched for, but found out, that it´s not worth the long way from our accomodation. We also found out, that alcohol is pretty damn expensive here in Belfast, in comparison to Berlin. Afterwards we relaxed for some hours and went to a pub then. Our choice was the „Filthy McNastys“, because Tony and I had a positive experience the last time. This time it was really crowded and the music wasn´t to our taste mostly, so Tony and Roderic went home after two drinks and Christian with them, after only one. I stayed longer because I found it kinda to early to go home and had 4 drinks in total. My recommendation for a good drink would be the „Tequila Sunrise“ for 5 Pounds. At the pub, I realised again, that the language can be a bit difficult sometimes, but the biggest problem is allways, when you got nothing to talk about with people. On my way home I got another Sub and arrived at the accomodation at around 1:30 am. Time to sleep.

Me in the Pub/Bar


Sunday – 08.07.2018

Tony and I had our washday today. After we hung up the white stuff, we filled the machine with the dark colored clothes afterwards and went to the „St. George Market“. We each explored the market on our own. There was a lot of random stuff, antique and food from a lot of countries. I found myself three pretty nice pictures for three Pounds each.

the shop I bought the pictures from

After we were finished at the market, we decided to visit the „Victoria Square“. First destination was pizza hut and the second one was the top of the building. Sadly I forgot to take pictures there. Back home, Tony and I hung up the rest of the clothes. We all ate somthing and relaxed then.  I tried to work out a bit, but only achieved 5 Push-Ups and 15 Sit-Ups. Maybe it was a bad idea to do sports directly after eating. Before going to bed I read throught the blog one more time to eliminate as much errors as possible. Hope I can sleep good, because I got some real pain with a tooth, that was worked on, the Thursday before we left Berlin.

So, to review the week: I really like Subway and their prices here and get kinda good at „Arschloch“ I think. xD

4 Gedanken zu „Week 1 – The journey begins

  • 9. Juli 2018 um 7:12

    Guten Morgen,

    es hat Spaß gemacht, ihre erste Woche zu verfolgen. Ich bin gespannt, wie es weitergeht.

    Viele Grüße an alle
    Nicole Scherzer

  • 22. Juli 2018 um 19:24

    Finde ich super, dass du zur Arbeit läufst 😊 das ist bestimmt bei gutem Wetter schön.

    Mal eine andere Frage ist das bei euch ein kleines oder großes Tesco? 😬😬😬

    Viele Grüße
    Stefanie Kussatz

    • 23. Juli 2018 um 21:00

      Ist es in der Tat. Wobei ich zugeben muss, dass es aktuell seltener wird, dass ich laufe. Aber noch immer mehr als in Berlin. xD
      Ein kleines, wobei wir meist zum Dunnstore gehen. Dersogar noch etwas naeher ist.

      • 24. Juli 2018 um 11:42

        Naaa wo ist denn die Motivation 😛

        Ah okay, Dunnstore sagt mir nichts ^^
        Kenne Tesco nur durch London und Edinburgh ☺️


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